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DVD | From an Average Singer to a Great Singer

From an Average Singer to a Great Singer What is the difference between a talented singer and an average one? There are two things the average listener will listen for...  Vocal Range . If you start singing out stunning high notes, people are bound to take notice...&  Vocal Tone . Which means, does the voice sound any good. Does it have a nice quality to it? A great singer knows how to hit high notes with ease. Do not reach up for high notes, nor reach down for low notes. A singer who has mastered tone quality knows two very important things. He or she knows how to balance resonance, and also, how to keep the larynx (voice box) in a still position while singing.  With both these things occurring, a great vocal tone is almost guaranteed. An average singer can be trained to develop great tone. Vocal cord adduction exercises are the most powerful way of increasing your vocal range. "Vocal cord adduction" means that your vocal cords actually "shorten",

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